Is Clen not used in bulking or strength cycles??

Many people find bulking or strength cycles as the only fruitful way for successfully increasing their muscle size. But, there is so much of confusion and misconceptions spread around the theory related to bulking cycles that majority get lost in this jungle of information and don’t really get to know the proper way to approach it. There are some who have difficulty in gaining weight where at the other side, you come across people who are struggling with weight loss.

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For those who are strongly inclined for muscle building, it is a common question in their minds that should supplements like Clen not used in bulking or strength cycles?

Here, one needs to know that the most important part for body building comes with enjoying eating good, clean foods during the bulking cycle. But you can also start with Clen with 2 on, 2 off cycle and it should help you in increasing your energy and strength levels significantly.

Clen in a bulking cycle?  Is it okay to start taking Clen in smaller dosage while being involved in bulking to keep body fat levels lower while eating more for building muscles? Some say that it’s like a dessert topping to enjoy the process. Some people take Clen or any other supplement only towards the end of the bulking cycle.

The fact is that once you have set the goal for yourself, you need to be consistently following the routine and believe in yourself till you achieve it. It’s just that some people take longer than others but the only key to achieving your goal is ‘consistency’.

When you start with your training to build up your muscles, there are two things related to the rate of improvement at any given time which one always need to keep in mind. They are: One, the rate of improvement is subjective. And, two that it is relative and depends on your existing level. By understanding this fact, the mind is more at ease because it stops with the comparison of what others are doing and how fast they are progressing.

In case it’s a new goal on your list and you are beginner who wants to gain good amount of mass over a short period of time, then also it is important to adopt a logical approach and not to do anything in haste. The focus has to be on two things: start in progression; and eat excess in regulated quantity. Else you may tend to add more fat instead of building muscles.

Thus, different people try out different bulking and cutting cycles and each one needs to follow and settle with a personal routine that works well for them. Some people opt for 6 months bulking cycle, whereas there are others who consider a 6 month bulking cycle too long and prefer a shorter ‘3 months’ bulking cycles. Whatever cycle you opt for bulking, usually the same is opted for cutting. Hence it is not a fact that Clen can not used in bulking or strength cycles. It may not be necessary to use it, but it is fine to go ahead with the use of anabolic steroid during your bulking cycled.

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