HGH Dosage Cycle For Athletes Looking For Muscle Gain


Over the time, many body builders have been using HGH for weight loss and muscle gain. Hence, supplementing HGH through pills and injections has become very famous among body builders and athletes.

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Why is it important to supplement HGH?

After puberty, the body stops to make new muscle cells. In such a situation, when body builders look for weight loss and muscle gain, they can only increase lean mass by expanding the muscle cells with workout. But as that takes a lot of time, supplementing HGH looks to be a quick solution that results in division of cells and hence more cells are produced making it easier to achieve desired results.


Once you have decided to supplement, the first step would be to consult your doctor who would be able to guide you on the dosage and cycle depending on your body condition and the acceptance of supplements. The dosage of HGHSupplement depends on the quality of the product you are using. If it is a really good and pure product, just 3-4 UI’s per day will be sufficient to see good results. On the other hand, a bad quality product requires 7-8 UI’s per day. So start by taking 2 UI’s per day assuming that your product is of high quality.

Choose a right dosage for you:

After you have decided to supplement HGH, you need to be sure to choose the right dosage for you. Dosage differs depending on your requirement, health status, other medications that you take, your weight and fat in the body.

For anti ageing – 2-3 UIs would be sufficient

For fat loss – 4-8 UIs

For muscle gain – 8-15 UIs


IF you choose for a shorter cycle for 1-2 months, more HGH will be required. This is good for cutting cycle as muscle loss does not occur.

Longer cycles are often good for body building as they help you burn fat without diet and also help you get good muscle gain.

Below are two cycles for great muscle build:

  1. The first is the traditional way of taking HGH injections every day. Always strat with a low dose of 2UIs per day and slowly increase it upto 4 UIs per day if your body is able to accept it. For most experienced HGH users, they can start with 4 UI’s breaking it into 2 UIs after waking up in the morning and the rest of 2 UIs after a workout. Club it with 500mg of Testosterone and T3 between 12.5-25mg.
  2. The second cycle will be to take HGH only 3 times in a week. Hence your each dose will be more than 4 UIs. The point is to hit it hard with which body reacts strongly and then give it a break for some time. So, start by taking 9-10 Uis 3 times in a week in injection form after a workout. Club it with 500 mg of Testosterone and T3 between 12.5-25mg. This would be good for those who do not get good results with daily doses. This method also rules out adverse side effects of water retention, Carpal tunnel Syndrome and joint pains.

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