CBSE Board Exams: How To Score 90+ In Chemistry

CBSE Board Exams: How To Score 90+ In Chemistry

It’s March and CBSE Board exams are now closer than ever. In just a week, students all over the country would be engulfed in board fever more than ever. In this time of stress and anxiety we have tried to do our bit and curated tips which will help you score better in the exams. In this article we will deal with chemistry which is an important subject not just for the boards but also from competitive exam point of view.

CBSE Board Exams: How To Score 90+ In Chemistry

Tips and Tricks to score more in Chemistry

First of all, by now you would be done with your chemistry syllabus, so just focus on revision.

Make sure that you have covered all the topics from your NCERT textbook for Chemistry. Don’t fret over topics which are there in supplementary books but are not covered in NCERT. In past years, there has never been an example of questions being from topics other than those in the syllabus.

Focus more on concepts. If your concepts are clear, it would be easier for you to tackle High Order thinking Skill questions. Mugging up will not help you.

Make flash cards and/or charts for important chemical formulas and use them during revision.
Solve previous year questions. There is always a high probability for questions to repeat so keep an eye open for questions which have been repeated over the years and practice more questions of the same type.

Time yourself while you solve practice papers. This will help you immensely during the actual exam as you would already be in the habit of solving questions in a given time frame.

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