CBSE Board Exam: How To Score More In Hindi

CBSE Board Exam: How To Score More In Hindi

One of the biggest worries for many CBSE Board examinees is how to score good marks in language and literature papers specially Hindi. Hindi is one subject where it might be tricky to score good marks since for class 10, 55 marks worth of questions are devoted to unseen passage, grammar, and creative writing and for class 12 it is 45 marks which means that reading the text book will not be enough and students must be ready to let their creative and analytical abilities flow.

CBSE Board Exam: How To Score More In Hindi

Here are some tips which will help you score good in Hindi.

First and foremost read all the chapters in your textbooks and revise them regularly. Questions from textbooks will form almost 50% of the question paper.

Be clear about the grammatical rules related to topics prescribed in your syllabus. Practice grammar questions as much as you can. When it comes to grammatical rules, there are always some exceptions and you must be aware of exceptions too.

Learn the format for essay and letter writing and practice descriptive questions as much as you can. On the exam day, before writing answer for descriptive questions, write the points you will cover in your answer in a rough space and then proceed. This will help your answer to be properly structured and fetch you good answer.
While attempting questions from unseen passages, read the passage carefully and underline important words and phrases.

The question paper will have no overall choice but there will be internal choices for questions. Choose which question to attempt carefully and wisely. Attempt only those questions in which you are completely confident. In case of descriptive section do not select questions which you have not practiced before.

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