Is Clen not used in bulking or strength cycles??

Many people find bulking or strength cycles as the only fruitful way for successfully increasing their muscle size. But, there is so much of confusion and misconceptions spread around the theory related to bulking cycles that majority get lost in this jungle of information and don’t really get to know the proper way to approach it. There are some who have difficulty in gaining weight where at the other side, you come across people who are struggling with weight loss.

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For those who are strongly inclined for muscle building, it is a common question in their minds that should supplements like Clen not used in bulking or strength cycles?

Here, one needs to know that the most important part for body building comes with enjoying eating good, clean foods during the bulking cycle. But you can also start with Clen with 2 on, 2 off cycle and it should help you in increasing your energy and strength levels significantly.

Clen in a bulking cycle?  Is it okay to start taking Clen in smaller dosage while being involved in bulking to keep body fat levels lower while eating more for building muscles? Some say that it’s like a dessert topping to enjoy the process. Some people take Clen or any other supplement only towards the end of the bulking cycle.

The fact is that once you have set the goal for yourself, you need to be consistently following the routine and believe in yourself till you achieve it. It’s just that some people take longer than others but the only key to achieving your goal is ‘consistency’.

When you start with your training to build up your muscles, there are two things related to the rate of improvement at any given time which one always need to keep in mind. They are: One, the rate of improvement is subjective. And, two that it is relative and depends on your existing level. By understanding this fact, the mind is more at ease because it stops with the comparison of what others are doing and how fast they are progressing.

In case it’s a new goal on your list and you are beginner who wants to gain good amount of mass over a short period of time, then also it is important to adopt a logical approach and not to do anything in haste. The focus has to be on two things: start in progression; and eat excess in regulated quantity. Else you may tend to add more fat instead of building muscles.

Thus, different people try out different bulking and cutting cycles and each one needs to follow and settle with a personal routine that works well for them. Some people opt for 6 months bulking cycle, whereas there are others who consider a 6 month bulking cycle too long and prefer a shorter ‘3 months’ bulking cycles. Whatever cycle you opt for bulking, usually the same is opted for cutting. Hence it is not a fact that Clen can not used in bulking or strength cycles. It may not be necessary to use it, but it is fine to go ahead with the use of anabolic steroid during your bulking cycled.

HGH Dosage Cycle For Athletes Looking For Muscle Gain


Over the time, many body builders have been using HGH for weight loss and muscle gain. Hence, supplementing HGH through pills and injections has become very famous among body builders and athletes.

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Why is it important to supplement HGH?

After puberty, the body stops to make new muscle cells. In such a situation, when body builders look for weight loss and muscle gain, they can only increase lean mass by expanding the muscle cells with workout. But as that takes a lot of time, supplementing HGH looks to be a quick solution that results in division of cells and hence more cells are produced making it easier to achieve desired results.


Once you have decided to supplement, the first step would be to consult your doctor who would be able to guide you on the dosage and cycle depending on your body condition and the acceptance of supplements. The dosage of HGHSupplement depends on the quality of the product you are using. If it is a really good and pure product, just 3-4 UI’s per day will be sufficient to see good results. On the other hand, a bad quality product requires 7-8 UI’s per day. So start by taking 2 UI’s per day assuming that your product is of high quality.

Choose a right dosage for you:

After you have decided to supplement HGH, you need to be sure to choose the right dosage for you. Dosage differs depending on your requirement, health status, other medications that you take, your weight and fat in the body.

For anti ageing – 2-3 UIs would be sufficient

For fat loss – 4-8 UIs

For muscle gain – 8-15 UIs


IF you choose for a shorter cycle for 1-2 months, more HGH will be required. This is good for cutting cycle as muscle loss does not occur.

Longer cycles are often good for body building as they help you burn fat without diet and also help you get good muscle gain.

Below are two cycles for great muscle build:

  1. The first is the traditional way of taking HGH injections every day. Always strat with a low dose of 2UIs per day and slowly increase it upto 4 UIs per day if your body is able to accept it. For most experienced HGH users, they can start with 4 UI’s breaking it into 2 UIs after waking up in the morning and the rest of 2 UIs after a workout. Club it with 500mg of Testosterone and T3 between 12.5-25mg.
  2. The second cycle will be to take HGH only 3 times in a week. Hence your each dose will be more than 4 UIs. The point is to hit it hard with which body reacts strongly and then give it a break for some time. So, start by taking 9-10 Uis 3 times in a week in injection form after a workout. Club it with 500 mg of Testosterone and T3 between 12.5-25mg. This would be good for those who do not get good results with daily doses. This method also rules out adverse side effects of water retention, Carpal tunnel Syndrome and joint pains.

Reviews of Phentermine

Phentermine is a stimulant which is same as amphetamine and reduces hunger pangs and appetite by affecting central nervous system. Phentermine supplements are highly used to reduce weight and favorable results are gained when followed by healthy diet and proper exercise.

Phentermine supplements are used by people suffering from obesity, to reduce diabetes, high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol which are main causes of extra body fat. Phentermine supplements should be consumed as advised by doctor, following instructions on label. Individuals should not use for longer period time more than advised by physician. Now Phentermine supplements are available with different names since more number of manufacturers are promoting to market with different names.

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Few brands of Phentermine are supposed to be consumed on empty stomach, where as few brands like Suprenza can be consumed on empty stomach or after having food. But, the medicine is not supposed to be touched with wet hands and tablet should be consumed without water and placing tablet alone in mouth. Few people may experience sleep deprivations and to prevent this, the tablet should be taken early by post noon.

After consuming Phentermine tablets, user should experience less hunger that leads to weight loss. And if that does not happen, user should consult doctor and should not increase dosage of Phentermine supplementation on own since it leads to serious life threatening side effects. To avoid withdrawal symptoms, Phentermine should not be stopped before hand and it is safe to follow doctor’s advice before stopping medicine.

Phentermine supplements are not supposed to be consumed by expectant and lactating mothers. Individuals with the flash back of heart diseases should also avoid Phentermine supplements, since it causes further blockage in arteries. People who are under medications to control their high blood pressure, overactive thyroid and hypertension should consult doctor before using Phentermine supplements.

Supplements of Phentermine should not be consumed by users less than sixteen years of age to avoid health complications. When using for obesity and weight loss, Phentermine should be consumed around 15 to 37.5 mgs in empty stomach to lose extra fat in the body.

Side effects of Phentermine

  • Phentermine user should avoid consumption of alcohol, since it increases the chances of side effects.
  • Self driving is better to avoid, since the supplements of Phentermine impair thinking and reduces alertness.
  • Few users may experience symptoms like- chest congestion, wheezing, swollen face and trouble in breathing.
  • Some may experience unusual thoughts and change in behavior, feelings like extreme happiness or sadness and changes in heart beat.
  • Other serious side effects like- uncontrollable head ache, high blood pressure, impaired and blurred vision, continuous buzzing in ears, seizures, severe chest pain, shortness of breath and uneven heart beats.
  • Some individuals may experience common side effects of Phentermine such as – hyper activeness or extremely lazy, tremors in hands and legs, head ache and constant dizziness.
  • Few may experience, diarrhea or constipation, frequent stomach upsets and sometimes impotence.
  • When the side effects do not reduce within three days, users should consult doctor to overcome the problem without any negligence.